A Random Photo Slideshow of Lukey’s  Australian Outback

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Lukey & Burkey @ Korparilya Weekend Races. Gregory Luke & Steven Burke talking about the upcoming 5 day Horsemanship School they are doing for the Tjuwanpa Rangers of Ntaria – Hermannsburg Aboriginal Community, 120 kilometres west of Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Outback Australia.


Australian Outback bushman Matt Wright hunts down dangerous crocodiles in the Tropics of  Northern Australia and once found and captured, either by hand or by trapping them, the crocs are safely relocated. This is him from a couple of years ago on Channel 7, hunting what is possibly the Worlds Largest Crocodile. Now Hollywood has found him, and he’s the star of his own TV show Outback Wrangler on Nat Geo Wild.


Nat Geo Wild’s Outback Wrangler Matt Wright

At around 30 years of age he seems like he’s “done it all” as far as the Australian Outback is concerned. The Outback Wrangler Matt Wright series starts in Australia tonight on Nat Geo Wild. Matt has been an expert with snakes and other poisonous animals since his childhood days so he takes the creepy crawlies of the outback in his stride, he’s been a Ringer (Australian Cattle Station Stockman) among other things and now he catches and relocates Crocodiles from “Top End” Rivers and waterways to save “station cattle and horses” and people from Killer Crocs. During Croc breeding season he raids their nests for their eggs (for Crocodile farms)  and flies choppers to do it all. I’m not sure about his Horsemanship expertise though, going by the wild footage on the shorts, but it definitely looks like his horse handling will be entertaining for television.

Matt Wright – A cross between Troy Dann, Steve Irwin & Bear Grylls!

Watching the shorts, promo’s and doco’s on Matt over the last week, he looks to me like a cross between Troy Dann, Steve Irwin & Bear Grylls. I’m really looking forward to the start of the series!

Hollywood Looks!

To top it off he’s a batchelor with what the media are saying are “hollywood” good looks, and as well as that he seems like he’s got the poise and personality to make it big on television.

Household Name!

Tonight we’ll see! At least here in Australia tonight we’ll see the Outback Wrangler for the first time, on Nat Geo Wild’s Channel 616. I’m sure the names Matt Wright and Outback Wrangler will soon become  “household names” around the world as his Australian Outback exploits go to air to an estimated 90 million people in 90 different countries. Good Luck Matt.



Video #8

Ranken River in flood across Soudan Cattle Station on the Barkly Highway, as we cross the Barkly Tableland in Australia’s Northern Territory during the Wet Season of early 2011. It’s March 18th & most of the country has had an above average Summer Wet Season and in many places the biggest on record. These Floodwaters travel down the Rankin into the Georgina, then into Eyre Creek. The Eyre Creek snakes it’s way West into the Simpson Desert & eventually in a “Big Wet” all the way into Goyder’s Lagoon in northern South Australia. Then from Goyder’s Lagoon the floodwaters continue on down the Warburton Creek & eventually into Lake Eyre. A really strange phenomenom of inland Australia is that often Rivers turn into Creeks. The Thompson River turns into the Cooper Creek and it runs into Lake Eyre. The Georgina turns into Eyre Creek. The Diamantina after Goyder’s Lagoon (on the top end of the Birdsville Track ) turns into Warburton Creek & Kalakoopa Creek. All of these creeks eventually end up in Lake Eyre.


Video #7

It took us about 10 minutes to idle across this flooded section of the Barkly Highway, 65 kilometres East of the Barkly Homestead. As we reach the other side Burkey gives some friendly advice to our Dutch Tourist friends, who walked in front of us as “human depth markers” most of the way across . I don’t think they beleived us that we were going to feature them on my Outback blog!

RoadTrains Travellers & Tourists alike were camped up on the Barkly Highway about half way between Camooweal (on the Queensland Border) & Three Ways (in the middle of the Northern Territory).



Burkey and I tackle the Floodwaters 65 kilometres East of the Barkly Homestead on the Barkly Highway. About half way between Camooweal on the Queensland Border & Three Ways in the middle of the Northern Territory.


Video #5

Dutch Tourists in the Australian Outback, stranded by Floodwaters on the Northern Territory’s Barkly Tableland, help push some French Tourists 2 wheel drive car through the Floodwater.


Video #4

Outback adventures for French Tourists in the Australian Outback. Stranded by Floodwaters on the Northern Territory’s Barkly Tableland, get their car pushed through the Floodwaters by Aussies and Dutch Tourists. Then a 2 wheel drive car gets a piggy-back across the floodwater behind a Road Train. It’s all happening!


Video #3

Overseas Tourists, Road Trains and regular Travellers in the Australian Outback, Stranded by Floodwaters on the Northern Territory’s Barkly Highway on the Barkly Tableland, wait for Floodwaters to recede from the peak of 1.2 metres.


Barkly Highway Northern Territory, Floodwaters near Frewina Bore

by Lukey March 18, 2011 Barkly Highway

Video #2 A big Swampy area was full & running across the road near Frewina Bore on the Barkly Highway between Threeways & Barkly Homestead.

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