Outback Wrangler

Australian Outback bushman Matt Wright hunts down dangerous crocodiles in the Tropics of  Northern Australia and once found and captured, either by hand or by trapping them, the crocs are safely relocated. This is him from a couple of years ago on Channel 7, hunting what is possibly the Worlds Largest Crocodile. Now Hollywood has found him, and he’s the star of his own TV show Outback Wrangler on Nat Geo Wild.


Nat Geo Wild’s Outback Wrangler Matt Wright

At around 30 years of age he seems like he’s “done it all” as far as the Australian Outback is concerned. The Outback Wrangler Matt Wright series starts in Australia tonight on Nat Geo Wild. Matt has been an expert with snakes and other poisonous animals since his childhood days so he takes the creepy crawlies of the outback in his stride, he’s been a Ringer (Australian Cattle Station Stockman) among other things and now he catches and relocates Crocodiles from “Top End” Rivers and waterways to save “station cattle and horses” and people from Killer Crocs. During Croc breeding season he raids their nests for their eggs (for Crocodile farms)  and flies choppers to do it all. I’m not sure about his Horsemanship expertise though, going by the wild footage on the shorts, but it definitely looks like his horse handling will be entertaining for television.

Matt Wright – A cross between Troy Dann, Steve Irwin & Bear Grylls!

Watching the shorts, promo’s and doco’s on Matt over the last week, he looks to me like a cross between Troy Dann, Steve Irwin & Bear Grylls. I’m really looking forward to the start of the series!

Hollywood Looks!

To top it off he’s a batchelor with what the media are saying are “hollywood” good looks, and as well as that he seems like he’s got the poise and personality to make it big on television.

Household Name!

Tonight we’ll see! At least here in Australia tonight we’ll see the Outback Wrangler for the first time, on Nat Geo Wild’s Channel 616. I’m sure the names Matt Wright and Outback Wrangler will soon become  “household names” around the world as his Australian Outback exploits go to air to an estimated 90 million people in 90 different countries. Good Luck Matt.